About Us

About Us

Welcome to Anmol Finsec Ltd.

We at Anmol immensely believe in the fact that Investment is an art but it also involves Data Science and precision engineering like technical skills for accurate predictions, impeccable timings and unblemished sense of conviction in order to know how to attain the objective of exponential returns in funds based activities.

Core Values

The foundation of Anmol laid on the basis of teamwork, fairness, communication, competence, integrity, adaptability and loyalty towards our work and clients.


Our ultimate Mission is to strive in order to achieve excellence in service, quality, reliability, and customer care.

  • To set inviolable standards to earn the trust and confidence of all stakeholders
  • Exceed the expectations of the stakeholders and to make the company strive in the financial spectrum and services
  • To work with vigor, dedication, devotions and innovation.


In an increasingly complex market environment, Anmol Finsec Limited is committed to serve individuals and organizations in finance and investment consulting with professional advice and expertise. Our aim is to design investment solutions matching clients’ needs considering market opportunities.


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The Journey of Anmol Finsec Ltd.


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Why Anmol Finsec?

Anmol Finsec Ltd is a flagship company of well diversified ‘Anmol Group’ having dominant presence in varied fields’ viz. Financial Services, TPA Services, Tender Information Services and Developing Softwares. The journey started in 1997 and today we are a force to recon with.

Anmol Finsec Ltd, as the name suggest is dealing in financial spectrum and is a leader in Bonds including Tax-Free Bonds, Corporate Bonds and Government Securities with large institutional and private organizational cliental. Anmol has created a dynamic and dedicated team which understands the requirements of clients and by researching the market they strive and successfully develop customized solutions by mitigating the risk and maximizing returns for them.

The present and the long term future trends is suggestive of a drastic fall in interest rate which will eventually take interest income to abnormally low levels. But there is a ray of hope and here is where Anmol Finsec Ltd will come into play and will maximize your returns albeit it will be risk free.